The cosmic program of the third REih


Plamen Kostadinov


In the first months after the fall of the Berlin wall, in the West German secret service comes a citizen of the GDR of that time, who declares that during the war as a pilot of Luftvaffe he was part of a secret Nazi cosmic program and in 1944 a ballistic missile “V3” was fired in the Cosmos. The West Germans established that the person had really been a pilot, but also that after 1945 he had spent a couple of years in a Berlin psychiatry. That fact made them immediately stop the investigation. Eight years later in the cosmic station in Baikonur in the presence of superior military, rocket constructors, and also Russian and French cosmonauts the famous American UFO scientist Vladimir Terzicki was specially invited to represent a lecture. He not only confirms the words of the crazy German pilot but he also announced that in the end of the war the Nazi German created her own cosmic center in Antarctica where she had been preparing (and maybe realized) flights to the Moon and even to Mars… What actually is

The truth for the German rocket program  

It’s known that during 1938 on the island of Penemunde in Baltic sea had been opened research rocket center led by Verner fon Braun. The results of its work are really impressive. During 1941 when the Russians disposed of only some experimental reactive rockets (called “katushki”) and the British and Americans didn’t have even that in the third Reih already begins the development of an extremely powerful rocket system, which has the ability to raise a man in the cosmos. This is the project named “A9/A10”, which two years later had been a fact, and the new rocket was called with the conditionally name “V–3”.

Because of the war the main effort of the German constructors was concentrated almost in the producing of the fighting rocket “A-4”, which is the main unit in the program called “Weapon of the retribution”. However in the beginning of the forty’s the German rocket arsenal already had available the rockets “earth-earth” “Renbote”, which are using solid fuel and having range till 50 km, an anti-aircraft rocket class “earth-air” “Vaserfal”, also had available and the rockets “Raintohter” and “Shmeterling” which were almost ready. But the attacks against the British islands with the rockets “V–1” and “V-2” have been considered only as a preparation for the real target – rocket attack against the United States of America. It wasn’t so fantastic because in 1944 the factories in Nordhauzen already were producing about 25-30 rockets “V-2” per day.


At the same time the chaser “Bolen-hater 1” successfully passed the tests, it was with a jet engine and vertical flying, equipped with 30 rockets “air-earth” and can develop speed from 1000 km/h.


In this way the third Reih initiated the century of the cosmic rocket technology. Actually 16 from 18 shot rockets “A-4” had fired just after they were shot. ”But the producing of the rockets “Fau-1” is extremely expensive“ said the minister of the Reih Mr. Shpear. They needed someone that can eliminate the problems. That’s why they decided to include in the project and the legendary Hana Raich, who had a great experience as a fighter-chaser pilot.

In 1943 Raich proposed to Hitler personally to test the rocket “V-1” during its flight. For that purpose the aircraft shell was equipped with a small pilot cabin with a manual control, the wings were provided with ailerons and there is a small mechanism for landing. Starting from the air with a special airplane-carrier Raich made series of extremely risky flights with “V-1”, in this way she demonstrated that the rocket can be effectively operated. For her incredibly achievement Hitler personally rewarded her with the Knightly Iron Cross. During the ceremony she shared with the Fuhrer her idea for a

New cosmic program

Based on the ballistic rocket “V-2”, which testing had successfully passed in October 1942. A year later, during a secret conference in the Academy of aviation research, is desided the beginning of chosing of pilots for the special squad of military astronauts.The number of the pilots reaches up to 500, of which only 100 become proffesional pilots.For the serious character of the program speaks also the fact that the main realizator becomes colonel Oto Scortzeny fromm SS, to whom Hitler gave his most important tasks. Just like a man of the action Scortzeny pays special attention to the practical missions.The astronauts lesrn how to fly the sophisticated rockets “V-2”, like a prototypes for the intercontinental rocket base “Raihenberg”. Acording to the main mechanic of the base Rihard Fogt bombers “Do-217E” should be take in the sky the balistic rockets “V-2”, with a small plane connected to them, which directs them to the target.The rocket detaches from the main plane 10km high , then it continues to fly higher with the help of its own engine.Eutering the stratosphere , the pilot of “V-2” had to locate the target with the help of a powerful radar and he had to enter the data into the directing system of the rocket and then to leave it with the small plane. The danger for his life was enormous of course, and that’s why the young pilots in the “space academy” of Scortzeny used to sign special declaration, which usured that they accept the risks.So in the autumn of 1944 Hitler aproves the plan of the demonstrative strike against New Jork under the code name “Operation Elster”.In the night of November 30 1944 the german submarine leaves a group of marines in the New Jork bay which had to put a transmiting system in a one of the city skyskreapers wich the rockets had to locate. A bit later althought the germans are arrested by FBI agents.

“The Scortzeny Astronauts” happaned to be the last hope of the Raich to change the course of the war.Then Verner fon Brown offers Hitlers to attack New Jork with the new powerful german rocket “A9/A10”(“V-3”).The testing of the rocket were on 8 and 24 of January1945 when two or three german pilots for the first time in the human history goes out into open Space for a short time. Although the time wasn’t enough for the germans to make the planned atack: the strike of retribution”. After the and of the war nothings more heard about the project “A9/A10” which was created 15 years before the american and russian similar projects.Which can be probably explained with the fact that the americans take out all the equipment from Nordhausen from the underground factory, along with hundreds examples of their products and of course the main constructor Verner fon Brown, took the leading of the rocket programs of theUnited States themselves.

The questions connected with the space developing of the Third Raich although doesn’t here at all. The reason for that may be another program under the command of fon Brown and same time, based on a different and for which there are legends even now.

It is well that, in 1938 the year when the rocket program starts in Penemiunde a german expedition appears in Tibet, finansed from SS and seeking for a misterious underground land Shambala (or Shangri-la), in which according to the words of the local monks, live the keepers of ancient knowledge for demolishing powers and weapons.It is thought that the expedition is connected with the activity of the secret society “Tule”, created in the end of the First world war and uniting famoust german (and not only german) intelectuals-mystics (among them is even the founder of the modern geopolitics Carl Haushofer).According the words of one of the members of  “Tule”, - Miguel Serano, the expedition in Tibet found an information which gave great force to the german program.The interesting thing is that Serano himself in the beginning of the 60-ies is representative of Chili in the comission of UN on… nuclear energy.After 1933 on Hitlers order and with the association with “Tule”, an organozation collected for all kinds of extraordinary phenomenon and lost knowledge about ancient civilizations. As the already mentioned American UFO expert Vladimir Terzitzki the people from “Anenerbe” receive in Tibet full access to ancient scripts, explaining the secret of the gravity and its overwhelming.On that base after their return, starts another german space prorgramme along with the other under the lead of fon Brown.

Thre is information, proving that namely in the frame of this programme in 1944 in Germany is created the first “flying saucer”, developed in the technical academy of Luftvafe. Even more, same think that the noticed by the astronoms during the same year strange phenomenon around the Moon are a result of a sent into that direction german Spaceship!

So the unevitable fall of the Third Raich makes the …….. to look for space way for continuing its ambitious programmes.That is how

The “Project Shvabenland” is born. It’s one of the biggest mysteries around the Second world war.It is wellknown that even in the end of the 30-ies few German ships loaded with top secret equipmen and with one of the most famous members of “Tula” and “Anenerbe” on board are heading to the “Land of queen Mod” in Antarctida. Today many believe that the biggest german space base is built there. It’s interesting that in 1947 an american military fleet, under the command of admiral Richard Bird head to that place, but the expedition is stopped a little before the reaching of the “Land of queen Mod”. According to same that is because it has been attacked by german “flying saucers”, according tother because Washington makes an agreement with the people from “Anenerbe” that their following researches can continue but with the financial support and under the control of the americans. Who knows? Just in case, it shouldn’t be exepted that under the ice of the South continent there are secrets hidden connected with the first attempts for the understanding of the space. Which, maybe are cantinuing even today?



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