St. John the Baptistís Holy Cloister of Lopushna

St. John the Baptist Holy Cloister St. John the Baptistís Holy Cloister of Lopoushna, 
Gheorgi Damianovo, Montana District 

St. John the Baptistís Holy Cloister of Lopoushna is an Orthodox Bulgarian monastery built in the 19th century on the ruins of an old monastery and some ancient sanctuaries. It was the work of Bulgarian constructors from the Tzaribrod region. The Rila Monastery served as an example. St. John the Baptistís Holy Cloister of Lopoushna is in the diocese of the Vidin bishopric, which covers the North-West of Bulgaria. It is situated at the foot of the Balkan Range. A tributary to the Ogosta river runs near by the monastery. It is surrounded by forests. In some expertsí opinion, this place is, ecologically, one of the purest spots in Europe. It is a 20- minutes' drive away from the large dam lake along the Ogosta river. It provides good conditions for leisure-time activities like hunting, fishing, mushroom- and herb-gathering.
Larger towns in its neighbourhood are Montana, Berkovitza, Chiprovtzi and Vratza.

How to travel to St. Johnís Holy Cloister of Lopoushna:

Starting point Sofia - there are fast trains from Sofia to Montana five times a day. The distance Montana - Monastery of Lopoushna may be travelled by bus.  A small detail: In Montana the bus station is next to the railway station and it is easy to change. If you wish, you may take a taxi from the railway station to the Lopoushna Cloister (20-25 minutesí drive)
Starting points Rousse and Varna - the railway transfer is at the station of Mezdra, where express and fast trains meet.
Starting points the Vidin ferry, Vrashka Chuka checkpoint and Bregovo checkpoint - you can travel by the fast trains or by bus from Vidin to Montana.
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