Rugs from Chiprovtzi are executed in about a dozen of traditional measures. They range from the smallest  - 50 by 50 centimetres (20x20 inches) to the largest  - 3 by 4 metres (10x13 feet).

But as it is a matter of hand-made home-craft, both sizes and colours are entirely dependent on the respective order. It should also be taken into account that the Chiprovtzi rugs can be used for covering floors, as well as for wall decoration. Many centuries ago sultans used to adorn their tents with them. Even today Muslims have their prayer rugs made to order. And refined connoisseurs order sets of rug coverings for their homes.

However, we can give you some standard measures and traditional sizes:

“Stolovka" /chair-mat/ - small-sized rug measuring 40 by 50 cm (to cover chairs, decorate walls);
“Stapka” - /door-mat size/  40-50 cm by 1 m (rug used for covering floors, for wall decoration, or as a prayer/meditation carpet);
"Runner" - about 1 m wide, 2 to 4 m long;
“Rug” - 2 by 3 or 4 m.

Depending on how thick the woollen yarn is, 1 square metre weighs between 1 and 1.2 kg. The warp is composed of 12 threads per 10 cm. Cotton warp is commonly used nowadays, but if you wish, the rug may be loomed of wool alone. Both natural and chemical pigments are applied, and colours remain bright until the carpet wears out. The pigments employed may be only natural, if that is the customer's requirement.
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