Aumda kilims
(Chiprovtzi type)

Each rug is unique in its pattern and colours. Depending on the prevailing motifs, these rugs bear different names.

Some of the designs that need larger area cannot be executed in smaller sizes. Such are The Crown, Trite kola, Bakamski kola, Reskavite kola. Each rug has one or two borders. The border colour is different from the main one. The fringes are decorated with small figures, chosen by the weaver herself according to her preference. The predominating colour of the rugs posted below is red, but they could be loomed in any other background shade.

We would like to point out again that  the rugs from Chiprovtzi are flat-woven and double-faced /reversible/.


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The Crown
Kostenitzata Karakachki
(Chair-mats can be made  employing a single element only

Double makaz


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custom-made runner




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