(Gypsophila tekirae)


Gypsophila tekirae is a herbacious perennial plant and belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family. It is endemic to the Pazardjik region, Bulgaria. Its exclusive habitat are the Besapara hills located on the land of the villages Ognianovo, Sinitevo, and Hadjievo - it is not found anywhere else at home or abroad. It is a species protected by law.

The plant was described and classified by the Bulgarian botanist Boris Stefanov in 1929. Its species name (tekirae) comes from the old name of Tri Voditzi - Tekira. In fact the plant does not grow in the Tekira area, but when first collected by Prof. Georgiev near the village of Hadjievo, he mentioned the name of the neighbouring village, then better known.

The species is endangered by destruction of its habitats as a result of excavation of quarries, afforestation, intensification of land cultivation, and the invasion of the alien species Ailanthus altissima.

Flowering period - June-August, July in particular.

Source: Business. Industry. Cap[ital, daily online publication of the Bulgarian Industrial Association



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