Two postage stamps with a common perforation, an illustrated cover and a special postmark were validated on 27 February by the Committee of Posts and Telecommunications, only several days before the Bulgarian national holiday - 3 March. On this date in 1878 Turkey and Russia, then engaged in war, signed a peace treaty in the little town of San Stefano. By this treaty, following a five-century -long absence from the maps of Europe, the Bulgarian state was restored in its age-old boundaries.

    The face value of the stamps of this issue is 120 levs and 600 levs, respectively. The subject of the lower value is a portrait of the Russian Tzar Alexander II, made by Nikolay Pekarev. On the second stamp the same designer has represented The Monument of Freedom in Rousse. The perforation of these stamps is rectangular, and its circulation is 150 000 pieces.