Ahmed Dogan
    Ahmed Dogan was born on 29 March 1954 in the village of Pchelarovo, Varna region.
    1981 -  completes his university education in philosophy at the Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia. Regular post-graduate student at the Institute of Philosophy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences /BAS/.
    1985 - graduates from the Academy of Social Sciences and Social Management  /ASSSM/ under the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party.
    1985 -  joins the organized resistance against the so-called "revival process", the forcible re-naming of the ethnic Turks in Bulgaria.
    1986 - candidate of philosophical sciences and research associate at the Institute of Philosophy, BAS.
    Arrested and sent to the Central Investigation Bureau for six months and 15 days.
    1987 -  lies in a death cell in the Sofia jail.
    1989 - sentenced to 10 years in prison during a closed-door session of the Varna District Court on charges of founding an anti-state organization.
    1989 - pardoned after the repeal of article 233 of the Criminal Code.
Founder and president of the  Movement for Rights and Freedoms  /MRF/ since its establishment on 4 January 1990.
Deputy to the 7th Grand National Assembly /GNA/ under the name of Medi Doganov.
1991 - president of the MRF parliamentary group. Chairman of the Central Council  and the Central Operative Bureau of the MRF. He walks out of the GNA together with another 13 MPs from the MRF.
1991 - 1994 - deputy to the 36th National Assembly from the MRF.
1994 - 1997 - deputy to the 37th National Assembly.
1997 -  deputy and co-chairman of the National Salvation Alliance /NSA/ in the 38th National Assembly.
With the enforcement of  the " Dossiers" Law, he was disclosed as a State Security agent under the name of "Sava".
Director of the Prava i Svobodi /Rights and Liberties/ newspaper since its foundation.
29 November 1998 - the first president of the Liberal Democratic Union, on a rotation principle, for a term of  one year.

2001 - Member of Parliament, 39th National Assembly. Coalition partner of the present government.

2005 - with him in the lead, the MRF achieved their best performance in parliamentary elections winning 12 per cent of the vote ( 34 seats in the 40th National Assembly); MP from Kardjali.

Language proficiency: Russian and English.
Married twice, with two children.

If you are interested, you can read a profile of  A. Dogan, written in 1995.

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