Nikolay Kirilov Dobrev
    Nikolay Dobrev was born on 19 October 1947 in the town of Gotse Delchev.
    He graduated from the Higher Institute of Mining and Geology in Sofia.
    Dobrev worked at the Blagoevgrad Regional Committee of the BSP and the Central Committee of the Dimitrov's Young Communist League /DKMS/, later he was Mayor of the Nadezhda municipality in Sofia.
    1991 - 1994 - MP in the 36th National Assembly: Member of the Committee on Administrative and Territorial Development and Local Self-government and the National Security Committee.
    1994 - deputy to the 37th National Assembly elected from the  BSP.
    1995 - chairman of the National Security Committee in Parliament.
    1996 - 1997 - member of the Executive Bureau of the Supreme Council of the BSP and party spokesman.
Minister of the Interior in the Zhan Videnov cabinet. After the resignation of the BSP cabinet, he was nominated by the party's Supreme Council as Prime Minister.
On presenting to President Stoyanov the list of ministers to be included in the new cabinet he resigned in connection with the January 1997 events.
Deputy to the 38th National Assembly.
1998 - Organizing Secretary of the BSP.
Co-founder of the Movement for Unity and Development  in the BSP.
Nikolay Dobrev died of a fatal illness in 1998.
He was married, with two children.

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