Bogomil Bonev was born on 18 September 1957 in Radomir, Bulgaria.
In 1981 he graduated from the Higher Institute for Training Officers and Scientific Personnel at the Ministry of the Interior. In 1989 he received a master's degree in Law from the St. Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia.
Bonev became member of the Bulgarian Communist Party /BCP/ at the age of 18.
Between 1981 and 1990 he worked as inspector in charge of grave crimes at the City Investigation Department, Sofia.
1991-1992 - Director of the Sofia Directorate of the Interior.
1992 - Appointed Chief Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior /MI/.
In the period of 1993-1997 Bonev practised as a lawyer and expert in national security issues with the parliamentary group of the Union of Democratic Forces.
In January - February 1997 he served as national security advisor in President Stoyanov's administration and later as minister of the Interior in the caretaker government headed by Stefan Sofiyanski.
In May 1997 Bogomil Bonev was assigned the post of minister of the Interior in the government formed by the Union of Democratic Forces with Ivan Kostov in the lead.
In the autumn of 1997 he came into severe conflict with the then chief prosecutor Ivan Tatarchev and the chief of the National Investigation Bureau Boyko Rashkov. The underlying reason for this "war of institutions" was Bonev's and the government's accusation that the prosecutor's office and the investigation would regularly release criminals on bail and delay indefinitely their cases.
In December 1999 he was dismissed from his post of Interior Minister at Kostov's  proposal for structural and personal changes in the UdDF cabinet .
Bonev ran for president in 2001.

2004 - Bonev makes public statements blaming Kostov for power abuse..

2005 - Bonev is appointed member of the Advising Council at the Interior Ministry by R. Petkov, Interior Minister. The formation was a short-lived one  because of the violent public and political reactions against its membership.

2007 - Expected to open on September 18, the day of Bonev's 50-th anniversary, is the imposing  Royal Palace Hotel complex owned by Bonev and two other associates..


Divorced. Recently married to actress Nona Yotova.

Working knowledge of English and Russian.

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