Assen Agov
Assen Yordanov Agov was born in Sofia on 11 August 1948.  
He is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Economics, Sofia, with a degree in International Relations.  
For over 23 years he had worked as journalist at the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and the national television.  
1992 - Director of the Bulgarian National Television. 
1993 - Deputy Chairman of the National Executive Council of the
1994 - deputy to the 37th National Assembly from the UDF.  
Member of the Christian Democratic Union and its chairman since October 1994.

1995-1997 - Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in parliament; member of the standing delegation of the National Assembly to the North Atlantic Assembly. 
1997  - Deputy to the 38th National Assembly.  
Chairman of the parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee. 
In the beginning of June 1998 the National Council of the UDF passed a resolution to nominate Assen Agov as the UDF representative in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Democratic Alliance.  
2001 - in the June 17 elections elected Deputy to the 39th National Assembly, subsequently parliamentary Deputy Chairman.

In February 2004, one of 29 dissenters, who left the UDF and joined the Kostov-led group of MPs to form a new parliamentary faction - that of the United Democratic Forces, and later founded a new political party - Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria set to participate in the 2005 election.

25 June 2005 - becomes MP from the DSB in the 40th National Assembly (from the city of Sofia, 24th constituency).

Married, with two children. 
Language proficiency: English, French, Russian. 
Hobby: tennis.

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