Official commemoration of the contribution of Dimitar Peshev and other deputies 
to the saving of the Bulgarian Jews, held in the Bulgarian National Assembly



    "The Honourable Yordan Sokolov, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

    My dear Mr. President, 

    I would like to thank you for the honour you have bestowed upon me by extending me an invitation to attend the ceremonious session in commemoration of Dimitar Peshev to be held on November 6, 1998 in the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria. 
    I am extremely sorry that I will be unable to meet with You, with the other invitees and with everyone attending the ceremony.  Alas, some unforeseen and pressing obligations of political nature compel me to remain in Italy on this date.  Anyway, my willingness to attend will be actualised at least symbolically. 
    I have asked my friend and parliamentarian in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Dario Rivolta, to present the text of the speech which I have written and would deliver had I been able to attend the solemn session. 
    Please, accept my sincerest and cordial regards. 

    Furio Colombo."

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