of the contribution of Dimitar Peshev and other deputies
to the saving of the Bulgarian Jews

On 6 November an official commemoration of the contribution of Dimitar Peshev - Deputy Chairman of the 24th and the 25th National Assembly - to the saving of the Bulgarian Jews, took place. The solemn session was broadcast live on the national TV and radio channels.
The session was honoured with presence by Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria David Cohen and a delegation headed by the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Mr. Dan Tichon. Members of the delegation were also Mr. Moshe Mosek, Director of the Israeli Public Archives, and the President of the Association of the Bulgarian Immigrants in Israel, Mr. Yossi Kiosso.

To attend the official ceremony, arrived Vice-Chairman of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Mr. Pier Luigi Petrini, Italian members of Parliament among whom Mr. Dario Rivolta and Mr. Nando Dalla Chiesa, and Mr. Ernesto Caccavale - member of the European Parliament, as well as some French and American intellectuals. On October 16, the Italian parliament was the first to commemorate Dimitar Peshev's deed.

An honoured guest to the ceremony in Bulgaria was Gabriele Nissim, author of the book "The Man Who Stopped Hitler"; he delivered a speech devoted to Peshev and his impressive deed. It has already been decided in the Parliament to translate the book into Bulgarian and publish it - a political gesture aimed at popularizing Peshev's deed and paying due tribute to his memory.

On November 17 the European Parliament in Strasbourg  paid homage to Dimitar Peshev's contribution in the presence of Mr. Yordan Sokolov, Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly.

We owe the information about this event to Memorial Peshev -, as well as to Bulgarian media coverage.

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