ALEXANDER BOZHKOV was born in 1952 in Sofia. 
His mother is Jewish. He has a university degree in mechanical  engineering. 
Elected Deputy to the National Assembly from the Union of Democratic Forces. 
Since 1997 Vice-Premier and Minister of Industry. Removed form this post in December 1999.
Served as Bulgaria's Chief Negotiator in the EU accession talks.

He died in 2009.

Alexander Bozhkov

Andrei Loukanov

ANDREI LOUKANOV was born of a mixed marriage in 1938 in Moscow, where he graduated from the Institute of International Relations. In his own words - a 'third generation Communist". (His father was Bulgarian vice-premier and foreign minister during the Stalinist regime.) 
Held a number of high posts under the totalitarian regime, including  deputy prime minister and alternate member of the Political Bureau. 
Since late 1989 he became one of the Communist Party's leaders, considered by many people to be the most outstanding reformer in its ranks. In the period February-December 1990, he was twice  Prime Minister, although he was formally still a Soviet, and not a Bulgarian, citizen. Removed from power under pressure by the democratic opposition, after his policy had emptied the shops. Deputy to three parliaments. 

Gifted diplomat and orator, polyglot. He gradually withdrew from the leading circles in political life, being ascribed, by the press, an important role in some economic schemes on an international plane. Official Moscow did not conceal its opinion that he was its most preferred Bulgarian politician; former Head of State, Todor Zhivkov, named him as a Russian emissary to Bulgaria; according to Reuters - among all other things - a "millionaire and businessman".
Killed in an assault in front of his house in Sofia, in October 1996. Investigation carried out so far, has brought about no results. There are various hypotheses about his assassination, but neither of them looks for motives in the ethnic origin of the victim.

ILKO ESKENAZI was born in 1950 in Varna. His father is a Sefarade Jew, and his mother - member of a Bulgarian old-time priestly family, whose  lineage can be traced back to 1700. 
A law graduate, he worked at the Institute for the State and Law in Sofia. Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic issues in the Cabinet of the Union of Democratic Forces (1992-1993). 
He died in a misfortunate sea accident, before the eyes of hundreds of people on the beach, while wind-surfing near his native city. 
Ilko Eskenazi

George Pirinski
    GEORGE PIRINSKI was born in 1948 in New York, DC.
    He comes from a Communist family of note. His father is Bulgarian, and his mother - Jewish. 
    Received a degree in economics in Sofia. 
    Entered the elite of the Socialist Party following 1989. 
    Between 1995 and 1997 he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. 
    Member of four parliaments. 
    In 1996, BSP nominated him to run for president, but the Supreme Court did not admit him to the election because of his American citizenship.



FILIP DIMITROV. Born in Sofia, 31 March 1955. 
His father is Bulgarian and his mother is Jewish.

Finished the English Secondary School, Sofia.. 
In 1977 he graduated from the Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia.
Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria as Head of the UDF cabinet (8 November 1991 - 30 December 1992).



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