This is the way the burial chamber looks like from the inside. It is empty. All of the uncovered tombs are empty. Snail's shells are scattered about. Spider's webs stick to my face. With all my senses I come to feel the millenia amassed in this chamber. The air is thick and flexible. I feel myself like an iron pellet struggling with  the reluctance of a magnetic field. I squat down. For centuries on end the remains of some strangers' lives have been emanating their energy. Gradually, the chamber lets me in. The feeling of resistance is gone. I become part of something alien and immortal.
Unfortunately, the picture I have taken fails to show clearly enough the sloping walls of the Pyramid. I would like to remind that the burial chamber has the form of an equilateral truncated pyramid, truncated by a Sun-lit aperture, an opening to Heaven and the Universe.


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