Having landed at this ground in 40 degrees of heat /102 F/, amidst  stones and weeds positively teeming with reptiles, I thought it was great luck no serious snakes were to be found in Bulgaria.
I was watching my steps, as I caught sight of  something curious and thrillingly enigmatic.


Can it be a tomb?
This is what historians say. Their assumption is that these tombs were cut some 6-8 thousand years ago. The vault is accessible through several steps, which are seen on the near side of the picture. They lead to an opening, which lets into the burial chamber. The chamber itself is a pyramid proper: measuring two by two steps across and about two metres high.
Ten metres away from this tomb there is another one, next to it still other, then one more and so they stretch along for kilometres around.
Archeologists have uncovered some twenty of them. The rest have lain low under the scorched grass for thousands of years.
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