For greater clarity, I give the location of the village on a larger scale.
Bulgaria is the state marked in yellow within the rectangle, the rest of the picture represents the Balkan Peninsula. You can also see some of Asiatic Turkey /Asia Minor/ and the lowermost part of the "Italian boot".
The village is situated in the northeast of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore. In addition, I have indicated several other noteworthy spots. I have limited  my list to these sites alone for fear of confusing anyone who is not familiar with my native land.

A closer view of the vicinity:

Encircled is the area around the village  where I took the pictures.

Starting the trip from Varna, take the northward highway leading to Romania, an ancient road now called E87. From time immemorial it has served as people's travelling path. In spring and autumn, migratory birds have flapped wings above it, flying south to their winter habitats. Nobody but them knows why they had chosen this particular route, but they must have had a good reason.
Reaching the town of Kavarna, turn off the main road and dash away to Kamen Briag passing through the villages of Bulgarevo and Sveti Nikola /Saint Nicholas/. At Bulgarevo there is a hippodrome, while Sveti Nikola is the near-by village of the famous sea resort Roussalka /Mermaid/.

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