This is what the Priest, or possibly the Tsar, must have seen.
Some fifty kilometres far out at sea, down on the sea floor, there are ruins of a city. A large stone-built city.


As I said before, I know nothing but what I have already told. I am yet to make efforts to learn more about it. What are these tombs? Whose is the throne? What is the city on the sea floor? What else is there around at this place? What are the archeologists's finds?

I hope to be able to tell you more some day.

Petko Simeonov
August 6, 2000

Postscript of September 17, 2000:

The world news agancies have reported that a U.S. explorer ship has found on the sea floor remnants hinting that the biblical flood might have taken place in the Black Sea. Such a hypothesis has been discussed by Bulgarian historians for fifteen years now (at least this is what I know). The finds discovered by the U.S. submarine explorers situate the Bulgarian researchers' work, as well as the fantastic treasures kept in the Bulgarian museums, within a new cultural and public context...
For my part, driven by an amateur's fervour, I went on visiting these strange tombs.
The result was a new account.

Postscrtipt of November 4, 2000:
A couple of days ago a cultural preservation agreement between the United States and Bulgaria was signed.

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