The National Palace of Culture
The National Palace of Culture in the central part
of the Bulgarian capital city

    The natural facing rock material we are presenting here is well-known and is applied in four continents of the world in the architectural designs of banks, governmental buildings, trade centres, temples, etc. It is used not only for exterior and interior wall cladding but for flooring as well, being highly durable, resistant to atmospheric attack and practically maintenance free. 

    In eight quarries in North-western Bulgaria are obtained Vratsa limestone, travertine - Mushelkalk and natural breccia conglomerate - Balkanred

    They are available in the form of  blocks or slabs. 

  • The blocks are produced by cutting or by perforation. Their usual measures are 80-95/80-95/100-300 cm for Vratsa and Balkanred; the Mushelkalk blocks have no standard dimensions, i.e. they may have the size desired by the customer.
  • The width of the slabs is up to 40 cm.
  • They can be produced in any other required sizes, different from the standard - thin slates, gang-saw slabs, any stone cladding or cut-to-size and complex details.

  • “Vratsa” Limestone



Ebury Bridge House in London
A combination of limestone and ceramics
in the facing of a house in London.
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